Jul 30, 2009

Shops in Yanaka, Tokyo

Isetatsu: Traditional Japanese paper and stationary
Address :2-18-9 Yanaka,Taito-ku,Tokyo Phone :03 3823 1453
English site: http://www.norenkai.net/english/shop/isetatsu/index.html

Isetatsu papershop, Yanaka, Tokyo

Midoriya: Fine bamboo crafts
At Yanaka Ginza Phone: 03-3828-7522

Bamboo craft shop, MIdoriya, Yanaka, Tokyo

Hamamatsuya: Traditional footware, geta and sandals
At Yanaka Ginza Phone: 03-3828-1301
You can get your semi-custom fitted geta here. Pick your favorite colors and patterns of hanao. Then, they will fit geta for you in 30 min.

Order your own Sandals at Hamamatsuya, Yanaka, Tokyo
Buying semi-custom ordered geta at a shop in Yanaka
Buying semi-custom ordered geta at a shop in Yanaka

Mujinzo: Nice Japanese traditional crafts and sandals
At Yanaka Ginza Phone: 03-3828-6203
comfortable sandals and bags at Mujinzo, Yanaka, Tokyo
comfortable sandals at Mujinzo, Yanaka, Toky

Jun 6, 2009

Amazake Yokocho Street, Ningyocho, Tokyo

Old neighborhood with lots of sweets shops, bento shops, and traditional music instruments. Being located near Meiji-za, you see some old businesses supporting the traditional art performances, such as box makers, shamisen shops, kimono shops.

Short stroll on the Amazake Yokocho Street takes you to old Japan. There's not much "special" things to see, but it is such a nice little area to escape from the busy areas.

English links

About Ningyocho- English website.

English Map: http://www.chuo-kanko.or.jp/english/ningyou/area_map.html

Interview with Traditional craftsmen: Iwai Tsuzura, Amazake Yokocho, Ningyocho, Tokyo
one of the only two shops in Tokyo still making Tsuzura, basket made of bamboo and lacquer.

Jun 5, 2009

Suitengu, Tokyo

Suitengu is located between TCAT and old neighborhood of Ningyocho. People come to Suitengu Shrine to pray for fertility and for safe child birth. Naturally, you see a few stalls selling baby goods. Even sake brands they display has something to do with children.

If you are in the neighborhood, nice place to stop by.

How to get there: Short walking distance from TCAT in Hakozaki.

Japanese link
http://www.suitengu.or.jp/index.html - Suitengu Official Web Site

English area information at Royal Park Hotel page with some restaurant information offering bilingual menu.

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