Jun 6, 2009

Amazake Yokocho Street, Ningyocho, Tokyo

Old neighborhood with lots of sweets shops, bento shops, and traditional music instruments. Being located near Meiji-za, you see some old businesses supporting the traditional art performances, such as box makers, shamisen shops, kimono shops.

Short stroll on the Amazake Yokocho Street takes you to old Japan. There's not much "special" things to see, but it is such a nice little area to escape from the busy areas.

English links

About Ningyocho- English website.

English Map: http://www.chuo-kanko.or.jp/english/ningyou/area_map.html

Interview with Traditional craftsmen: Iwai Tsuzura, Amazake Yokocho, Ningyocho, Tokyo
one of the only two shops in Tokyo still making Tsuzura, basket made of bamboo and lacquer.


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